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Radical Feminists Strongly Against The First Amendment

As the Fourth of July is approaching, I felt compelled to make a post about this issue. We know how much debate has been over the second amendment, but how about that first amendment? Now I know this is a couple of months old story but I wanna cover this - just to show community of Tumblr the true, ugly colors of radical feminism.

The above video made by TheAmazingAtheist (whom I’m an avid follower and a subscriber) shows in detail how a bunch of freedom of speech -hating radical feminists are trying to disrupt a Canadian MRA meeting, doing so successfully. Further in that video we’re being exposed to horrifying clips of psychotic feminists swearing and calling names on men’s rights activists. Fortunately MRA’s keep their cool and don’t provoke these crazies to the brink of a physical conflict.

Now I’m not gonna analyze this further because T.J.’s doing the job pretty thoroughly for us. T.J. has also exposed lots and lots of other BS by these maniacs and I recommend you to look his channel.

Happy Independence Day everyone!

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    in canada we don’t care about your first ammendment right. no one caaaarrrreeeessss
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    That’s a “no true Scotsman” fallacy. Plus, how do you define a real feminist? How many of them are there? And if they...
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    What she said. I love how anti-feminists always seem to capitalize “feminist” like it’s their proof that we’re a...
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    feminism is about putting men in their place. men’s voice, misogynist voice doesn’t really matter. you can cry, but we...
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    Seriously, though…The Amazing Atheist is a gigantic fool -_- My blood boils when I hear him speak.
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    Because it hurts them because they give the dick-size thing power. you know, like they have to slip “cunt” into any...
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    Whenever someone talks about the Amazing Atheist as if he is some sort of fucking messiah, I have to bring up the fact...
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    Regular reminder that TheAmazingAtheist made rape threats and then intentionally gave a graphic description of rape in...
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    Also, a feminist would acknowledge that misandry does not exist.
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    Not only that, but an insult of sexual commodification. As far as insults go, I have to admit it’s hilariously medical....
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    oohh oohhh!!! *waves hand in air* That’s a trick question! It’s because she’s not actually a feminist!! *10 points to...
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    There’s a fair to middling chance that it’s because, if they subscribe to Post-Modern Feminism, they’re reclaiming words...
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    So if you’re a feminist, why would you use a gendered slur?
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    Have you seen AmazingAtheist’s porn video? Cause I have. And you cannot unsee it.
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    As a feminist, I’d like you to prove how we’re irrational. Yes, I know the extremists who wander into misandry are...
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    There is so much wrong with the OP that I don’t know where to start.
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