Nice guys. Finish last.



1) Girl makes moves on you.

2) You tell her “Let’s just be friends”

3) Suddenly you find the cops are at your door saying you raped her.

4) Cops collect DNA and say they’re not pressing charges.

5) Some enraged mangina comes along and beats you to a pulp.

If this girl were some dude she…

Double standards, eh? Please explain dear Tumblr feminazis.

thoughts on the friendzone


when i was 5 years old my best friend was a boy named kyle who didn’t know how to knock on doors so he made dinosaur noises outside my window to wake me up in the summer until i demonstrated how to ball his fists and slam them against my doors.  we collected caterpillars in my trailer park and built them houses while we traded pokemon cards.  he wasn’t the only one.  there was ben, and mitch, and noah—but kyle’s the only one who hurt me, because when he tried to kiss me and i asked him why, he told me “because you’re a boy and i’m a girl, shouldn’t we like each other?”

i missed him so much and i wondered why he couldn’t just be my friend like he always was

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It’s just biology. So simple. You’re 17, what do you even know about life yet? Nice guys were nice to you but stopped, so what? Relationships come and go. Kyle was a 5 year old boy and you make seem like a demon. Feelings just come. Anywayz unique lesbian viewpoint here. I’m so sorry us white straight guys are such pricks from the very beginning, you prolly wish you had zero friendguys.


My boyfriend sent me this half-hour long video out of the blue saying that “this is a good perspective”. Uh…. what perspective exactly? That just because this woman witnessed another woman treating a “nice guy” like crap means that OMG all feminists really are manipulative, crazy, man-hating bitches that have a ~secret agenda~ to exploit all mens~ (wow how original)? Aside from the video itself, for my boyfriend to send me this… is a rather huge red flag because he knows I strongly respect feminism (and don’t have a problem referring to myself as one despite the ridiculously negative connotations). 

All I learnt was that this woman doesn’t know anything about feminists/feminism (she obviously harbors a hella lot of smug, passive-aggressive disdain for them) and probably thinks she’s a special snowflake for sympathizing with “nice guys”. Why the hell can’t people just respect it when someone doesn’t want to have a romantic relationship with you? Are you still 15 years old? It doesn’t matter how strong your feelings are for someone, if they don’t share it, GROW. UP. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, it’s emotional immaturity to feel sorry for yourself if your feelings aren’t returned. 

Just because your boyfriend doesn’t kiss your feminist ass, makes that a red flag of some sort? If he must agree with you on everything, why you even are in a relationship the first place? There are plenty of feminist men who’ll worship you from head to toe and agree with everything you said and do.

I find it so hilarious when feminazies blow up entirely when they are argumented against. Yeah, GROW.UP. Seems like you are the one still 5 years old here who can’t stand decent arguments at all. But hey, tell your bf kudos from me. He’s a fine dude, a true nice guy and you clearly do not deserve him.


capgamelamer: swedioMy apologies for commandeering this post of yours, but you’ve…



My apologies for commandeering this post of yours, but you’ve closed down your ask box, and your fanmail, no doubt because you found yourself on the receiving end of…

Hello again, “buddy”. I am sorry you have to wait these posts, but that’s just because I am obligated to spend time somewhere else than here.

Could you please change the record for a change? I thought we were over this GF-issue, but obviously you want to twist the knife deeper into my heart. I am probably the nicest guy I know and I have never hurt anyone in my entire life. I have not raped a woman. I have not been involved in a physical altercation. I go to work and pay taxes. I do not have a criminal record of any kind. This is like religion all over again! Do harmful shit to others, rape, and murder; be forgiven when you convert to [insert religion]. Guys with lot of shit-baggage get an absolution when they claim to be feminists. Now we have a solid citizen who has done nothing but given back to this society argumenting against your thing and you lose your minds. Chill out. It’s called debate.

Yeah, I do “self-proclaim” myself be a nice guy trademarked, but that’s just self-imposed self-irony. You see I can laugh at myself too, a concept you ah so oppressed feminists are apparently not aware of.

How am I the problem, again? I do everything right. Or should I finally get that criminal record? Beat up a few people? Skip working and start living on welfare? Huh? What exactly do I need to change? 

suit up, and go out there and make something of yourself, get some confidence”

You really think it’s that simple? You actually do live in La-La Land. Confidence isn’t something you can just breathe in like oxygen.

As much as I’d be honored to be credited for the invention of the term “friendzone”, I have to let you down. I have experienced friendzone multiple times. I don’t even know why you are so upset with this term. Is it too spot on? 

If MRA’s are “just playing the victim card”, then what the fucking hell are feminists doing? Isn’t the whole ideology based on acting the part of victim? You have absolutely no clue about feminism, you just happen to dig it now because you have four hot single roomies and you think you have a chance with at least one of ‘em if you try really hard to rally for feminism. You’re younger than me. Don’t come telling me about what feminism is and MRM isn’t. Mark July 4, 2018 to your calendar and then say what’s your stance.

Dude. I fucking HATE the Amazing Atheist. That fucking kid is a micropenis having lunatic.”

I stumbled upon the above statement about famous YouTuber TheAmazingAtheist from my previous post about first amendment.

I wonder when did “micropenis having lunatic” become socially acceptable term to call a person you hate. Has micropenis been tied to something evil? Or is it mental health issues that are even more damning?

Men with micropenises don’t rape women. They are disabled and thus can’t even perform that act itself. They can’t have sex at all. That is probably the most important piece of a man’s life and a huge portion of a man’s self image, self-esteem and so forth. They live with massive shame every day. And now it’s open for ridicule. A group already prone to highest suicide and discrimination rates are now being attacked by small-minded sags of shit who really have no damn clue about life. Do you also call people you dislike retarded? Fags? Queers? Something else as creative?

All I have to say to the poster of aforementioned comment, : Fuck you. Seriously. I don’t care if you’re a man, woman, boy, girl, feminist, mra, anything. You’re a fucking disgrace and I officially loath you now more than any feminist I’ve ever bashed here. I just really, really hope you’re young and thus eventually grow up and learn something.



My apologies for commandeering this post of yours, but you’ve closed down your ask box, and your fanmail, no doubt because you found yourself on the receiving end of a brutal verbal shitkicking from Tumblr.

You failed to respond to our earlier debate. And yet you’ve posted twice more…

I’m not an idiot. You told how universe doesn’t owe me a girlfriend. Ouch. That was a blow under my belt. 1-0 capgamelamer. I’m on my knees now. Feel proud of yourself? Why dontcha kick me in the face while I still try to grasp air down here.

I have never been in a relationship. Yes, I am deeply saddened and mildly depressed about it  - but am I bitter and holding grudge against all women? Hell NO! I love women. I really do. It’s feminism that I dislike and even hate when it directly causes me problems. In my mind feminism is like creationism. Both are bullshit but serve a certain agenda of several politicians, media entities and businesses.

But enough with my persona already. The false statement igniting this was that feminist men are in favor of true equality that MRA’s are not. How would you describe a female MRA? “Those doesn’t exist anywhere else than in your own dirty sex dreams!” Wrong answer. For example, all mothers of the earth are MRA’s for standing up for their sons. And that one is gooooooone, ballgame tied at 1-1! 

The answer is egalitarianism. If we all would just give up our current idiotic stances we wouldn’t have this insane debate over Feminism vs MRM. But as long as there are folks like you who won’t give it up we’re gonna need MRA’s around here, liked it or not.

(500) Days of Summer Introduces Nice Guy Struggles To The Masses

If you have not seen this wonderful and brilliant film, please skip this post. Watch the movie and come back.

One of my favorite movies of all time, (500) Days of Summer, is the most realistic romantic comedy I have ever seen. Zooey Deschanel captures perfectly the essence of an indesicive and a fractured female player who introduces a nice guy Joseph Gordon-Levitt to the miseries of friendzone. I believe Zooey deserved an Oscar for this performance. And so did Joe for such a heartbreaking depiction of a nice guy being friendzoned. You don’t see this too often on a big screen.

At the very beginning we get to know who these two are: Summer Finn, a woman everyone desires for, a woman who uses her sexual appeal to get lower rental costs, to sell ice cream and to boost revenue of an entire pop group. What a priceless wonderwoman. At the same time we’ve got Tom Hansen, a romantic lonely boy waiting for “The One” to come around one day. And… that’s pretty much all we learn from him this stage. So yeah, this is pretty much the premise to the entire film.

Summer seems so cute and funny but is a severely damaged soul from the inside. Was she abused on her previous relationships? Was she scammed by a PUA? Why she’s put on a pedestal here compared to our equally charming Tom?

As a nice guy myself I could recognize the pain Tom was going through, and I also recognized a lot of Summer in many girls who have friendzoned me. They have one common denominator: me. I did the same mistake every time; same mistake that Tom did and every nice guy does: we’re not perfect, we don’t make shit loads of money, we don’t agree on everything a girl says and we certainly don’t appear Ryan Gosling on the outside. We were ourselves. And that wasn’t nearly enough. Just like Tom Hansen states at the final confrontation scene.

But I want to believe in hope, because (500) Days of Summer also gives some of that after tear-jerking us to the point of eye numbness. I’ve been alone for my whole life and I could totally relate to this flick. Emotions start to run in again, my vision is blurring, guess I should finish this post. Love.

Radical Feminists Strongly Against The First Amendment

As the Fourth of July is approaching, I felt compelled to make a post about this issue. We know how much debate has been over the second amendment, but how about that first amendment? Now I know this is a couple of months old story but I wanna cover this - just to show community of Tumblr the true, ugly colors of radical feminism.

The above video made by TheAmazingAtheist (whom I’m an avid follower and a subscriber) shows in detail how a bunch of freedom of speech -hating radical feminists are trying to disrupt a Canadian MRA meeting, doing so successfully. Further in that video we’re being exposed to horrifying clips of psychotic feminists swearing and calling names on men’s rights activists. Fortunately MRA’s keep their cool and don’t provoke these crazies to the brink of a physical conflict.

Now I’m not gonna analyze this further because T.J.’s doing the job pretty thoroughly for us. T.J. has also exposed lots and lots of other BS by these maniacs and I recommend you to look his channel.

Happy Independence Day everyone!


If you’re going to reblog a joke post I made months ago and turn it into something serious, you’d best expect me to go look at your blog and then tell all my friends what a douchefuck you are for actually equating heightism (NOT A REAL THING) with racism (A VERY REAL THING).

Also, drop the Nice Guy (tm) crap. She doesn’t like you, bro, and it’s got nothing to do with your being short. It’s because you’re an asshole.

Heightism - not a real thing? Sorry, I didn’t see this until now. You know what they said in the 1960’s? They said that racism is not a real thing. That racism doesn’t exist. I’m glad that now everyone recognize racism as an awful form of descrimination that is not acceptable in any way, shape or form. Howerver, there are still many forms of discrimination that are yet to be fully exposed and recognized such as heightism.

I am once again ahead of my time and you are “too drunk” to process that thought because you believe in your self-righteousness too much. Did you know that in China, it is common nowadays to set height requirements FOR BOTH SEXES by major corporations? Yes, both sexes. Now are you going to grab this topic as (an alleged) feminist or won’t you even give a shit because it’s happening now in China?

You told your friends about my blog? Thanks, keep spreading the message. Issues that I bring up need to be highlighted.

By the way I find it extremely hilarious how you labeled me a racist for turning your “funny” joke around to mirror your own disgusting attitudes against short people. Keep up the good work gal! Get some more *likes* by making fun of everyone else except yourself and your peers!

Friendzone - The Unknown Side

Friendzone has been a hot potato lately in our community. While some claim that friendzone is an invention of friendzoned individuals, many are ignorant to the dark side of friendzone: abuse, humiliation, manipulation and outright tyranny.

Long we have focused on the actions of the friendzoned, but how about the friendzoners? Nobody seems to acknowledge the sad fact that some of these cold-hearted schemers actually plan to run errands with these poor guys. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what they use as a bait: false hope of potential romantic relationship. A cultural reference of this can be found from an episode of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM), where a nice guy Ted Mosby clings to a girl (Carrie Underwood) offering false hope of romance. Eventhough the word “friendzone” itself does not appear on that episode, it is a clear that Mosby is friendzoned by Underwood.

To me it seems that the term “friend” ought to be redefined. A friend is not someone you can scheme to do deeds and play around with. When you say to an individual you are planning to abuse “Let’s just be friends”, you are no longer allowed to receive gifts, dinners or jewelry. By accepting these bribes you are giving a false sense of hope to these poor friendzoned individuals, who are unaware of your rejection.

Be honest with yourselves and the ones who have crush on you. You don’t want to come across as manipulative son of a bitch just because you don’t want to feel bad about rejecting someone yourself. We get it alright; we don’t feel any better if you “just want to be friends” with us rather than get the outright “I’m sorry, but I don’t feel the same for you. I think we should part ways”.